Sunday, November 6, 2011

BootCamp for Flater Tummy at LifeTime Fitness Center

Bootcamp for Tummies at LifeTime Fitness Center Take the 30 Day Challenge

How fit is your belly?

Very few women are 100% happy with this area no matter how slim they are post pregnancy. The number one cause of a belly bulge is diastasis recti. I developed diastasis after my pregnancy and not matter how much I exercised and eat healthy,  that little bump remains a fixture on my post baby body.  Surprisingly, this is extremely common. After giving birth many women develop a gap between their abdominal muscles that can be felt beneath the belly button, running up to the ribs and down to the pubic bone. This gap, called diastasis recti, was once covered in muscle, holding everything behind it. With the separation, there is no ‘corset of muscle’ to hold the stomach wall tight and flat.

This often leads to back pain and bulging belly. Oh, the joys of motherhood! The only way to eliminate both is to weave that muscle back together and create a strong core, a ‘corset’ that holds you in. Crunches are not the answer and, in fact, can make the bulge worse. WHAT!!!

If you need to tackle the tummy bulge, take the 30 day Boot Camp For Tummies with me! I’m committing for the next 30 days to follow this quick and super-easy program. Who doesn’t want flatter and sexier abs! The benefits are well worth the commitment.

  • Flat, toned ab muscles that will act like a corset to redefine your waist
  • Improved posture and back strength
  • Tight, firm, toned, touchable skin

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